Chakwal Postal Code - Post Code Chakwal Pakistan

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

Postal Code of Chakwal is: 48800

(Chakwal GPO Punjab - Pakistan)

About Chakwal:

Chakwal (Urdu: چکوال) is the capital of Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. As noted in District Gazeteer Jhellum 1904, the city is named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan , chief of the Mair Minhas Rajput tribe from Jammu, who founded it in 1525 C.E during the era of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun Babur. It remained a small but central town of Taluka Dhan Chaurasi for many centuries. In 1881, during the British era, it was declared the Tehsil Headquarter. It was finally upgraded to district status in 1985. The area of Chakwal City is about 10 square kilometers.